Rule Concept

Rules are one of the most top priorities in this Wiki, Once you break a rule, there would be some punishments that will be given so every Editors and users must obey and respect the law.


No. Name Description
1. Illegal Adding Hentai-like Pictures Adding Pictures that contains spams/abuse to a particular female/male character.
2. Saying Bad Words on the Chat Room Saying bad words on other Users on this Wiki
3. Aggressive Flooding The Flooding Of Irregular Words
4. Type Here Type Here


Offense Name Duration/Punishment
1st Offense BLOCKED Account For 6 Days
2nd Offense BLOCKED Account For 1 Week
3rd Offense BLOCKED Account For 1 Month
4th Offense BLOCKED Account For 4 Months
Last Offense[Insane Punishment] BLOCKED Account For Eternity

NOTE:This is Scheduled for Updating

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