Izanami-no-Mikoto is the planned Devouring Nova form of Amara Yukirito, borne out of transforming the New-Type Gods Eater into a special Aragami made up of synthesized Aragami cells. It is the final product of Daigo Oguruma's plan to initiate another Devouring Apocalypse after the failure of Project Ark; only this time, he planned for only Yuu Kannagi and Amara Yukirito (through eventual cell reggression) to survive into the next world - becoming the new world's Adam and Eve.

Fortunately, Amara's transformation is stopped halfway by Kota Fujiki, whom confessed his feelings for Amara at the time. Chalekhov, agent of Fenrir, helps with rescuing Amara afterwards.

The remains of its husk - and its partially-formed core - gain consciousness and battle the group consisting of Kota, Chalekhov, and Kanon Daiba, and is defeated, though still allowing the doctor to escape.

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