Jugaku Omega
IMG 0435
Japanese Name チュは、都のオメガに行く
Rōmaji Translation Chugakuu omega
NORN Database
Item Prefix None
Origin Unknown
Breakable Parts Unknown
Attribute Divine
Weak Point Unknown
Elemental Weakness Unknown
Related Species Juubi
Manga(s) God Eater 2: Destroyed Destiny

Jugaku Omega is an Aragami introduced in God Eater 2: Destroyed Destiny, It is shown that this Aragami is a Titan specie due to it's enormous size, Jugaku also can control it's shadows and make it an attack.


GE2 (Destroyed Destiny)Edit

A Giant Aragami that reigns in the Wailing Plains, It is said to be that the Aragami was a creation of Marchius, The Angry Aragami God to destroy all life force on Earth and make it an Aragami Planet.



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