Langor Fresley is one of the main protagonists of GEB?!. Mentioned to have hailed from Australia, his past is full of mysteries. With tan skin and blonde hair, his usually focused expression and calm attitude, at least outside of battle, makes him out to be a buzzkill from afar. However, this is only because he dislikes being alone, and opens much more around people.

Langor suffers from a slight personality disorder that causes him to freeze up vocally during emotionally-stressful instances, making it especially hard for him to express his true feelings to someone, for example. A time this occured included during his resonance with Alisa Amiella, where he can only comfort the girl's doubts through his smile alone.

In battle, Langor is extremely reckless, and uses his extended capacity for taking excessive amounts of beating to the fullest. He prioritizes offense and will go in and attack at close range at any available chance, using accurate Long Blade strikes to unbound vital Aragami parts. His damage output is almost comparable to Soma Schicksal's during his first few weeks at Fenrir Far East Branch, but his survivability is piss-poor; even more so compared to the veteran Gods Eater.

This has led to Director Johannes assigning him to a two-man team; consisting of him and sniper Gina Dickinson, noted for her high survivability, long-range cover fire, and capability in evading and escaping Aragami (despite her own recklessness). With opposing strengths and weaknesses (that end up complimenting the other's), Langor and Gina prove to be a good team many missions into his career.

Despite loathing the girl at first and thinking of her as an odd person just as the other Gods Eaters do, he begins to warm up to the sniper and they quickly become great companions. Langor thinks Gina's a terrible liar. After Daigo Oguruma's return, and his using of Gina as a sleeper agent to kidnap Amara Yukirito, Langor began to realize his feelings for Gina.

Langor considers Alisa to be like a younger sister of his, and often worries about her dress sense, even more so with Yuu Kannagi in the picture. He and Yuu had a rocky start to their friendship, what with him sensing Yuu's and Alisa's attraction to one another - brotherly instincts and all - despite him knowing well that Yuu's a kind person, if only capable of great anger when provoked.

A running joke at the Fenrir Far East Branch is Langor crushing on certain male Gods Eaters such as his "bro", legendary man Lindow Amamiya, and Buster Blade-user Brendan Bardell.

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