Mahas Asura is an Aragami featured in GEB?!. It is the Aragami cell-infected form of Gen Momota in one of Daigo Oguruma's experiments to conceive a 'real' Nova, of human and Aragami amalgamation, in the aftermath of Project Ark's failure through infecting humans with nurtured Aragami cells. Classified as a 'Type 3 Deusphage'.

Bearing a skin and carapace of a greyish-orange hue that becomes darker from head to toe, It is a large human-shaped Aragami that possesses another pair of arms attached to the elbows of its arms, with another, larger pair growing from its back. Its three-sided head turns to spew either flames, electricity, or sub-zero air from each of its three different mouths.

Weak to Divine, the Aragami is capable of creating vacuums.

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