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Japanese Name 松田セイト
Rōmaji Translation Matsuda seito
Code Name fragile
Gender Male
Age 17
Nationality Far East (Japanese)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Hair Color Blue
Relatives Kuronagi Seito (Elder Brother)
Birthday August 20, 2053
Personal Interest
Hobbies Unknown
Likes Money
Dislikes Spending Money
NORN Database
Affiliation Fenrir Far East Branch
Class Unknown
Unit Type Black Ops Tactics Squad
Weapon Type Buster Blade
Assault Gun
Game(s) God Eater 2
Manga(s) God Eater 2: Destroyed Destiny
Voice Type Voice 11

Matsuda Seito is the Protagonist of God Eater 2: Destroyed Destiny Volume 1 and Kuronagi Seito's younger brother, he was left in Far East Branch when His Older brother was transferred to South Asian Branch and was later adopted by Jen.



Character Relationships


  • He had a scar on his face.
  • He hates to talk about his past.
  • His original name was Inagozuki Seito but was changed later to Matsuda Seito.


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